News from the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair

On cover image: OSLO lounge chair by Muuto

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the famous Scandinavian Furniture Fair in Stockholm to see what’s new in Nordic Design. As always, there was no shortage of beautiful Scandinavian furniture.

Only by walking around and taking pictures in this huge exhibition, we felt that we had collected a years’ supply of Nordic inspiration. In many case, the exhibitors really made an effort not only to display their furniture, but also to create complete ambiences by choosing the accessories, colors and lighting all in harmony.

We especially liked the stands of MUUTO and Materia, they both created a lovely atmosphere. We also loved the products of &Tradition and WOUD, both are young and talented new brands on the Scandinavian market.

As for the design trends, we’ve seen a number of references to 60’s and 70’s furniture. In fabrics, the resurgence of the bouclé is quite evident, and the use of rounded geometric shapes and vivid red and orange colors reminded us of that era. I’m really curious how this trend will evolve (or die) in the next couple of years.

Images © Lili Ambrus / Nordic Home

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