Young Designers at the Greenhouse

Each year, the most exciting part of the Stockholm Furniture Fair is the ‘Greenhouse’, where young and independent designers and design schools get a chance to display their work on the big stage. Here are some of my favorites who presented at this year’s Greenhouse event at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Antrei Hartikainenis is a Finnish master carpenter, already a multi-award winning professional at a young age. His kitchen utensils and home decoration items are just wonderfully shaped and sculpted.

Images © Antrei Hartikainenis

Kunikazu Hamanishi is a young Japanese furniture and interior designer. He likes to experiment with materials and manufacturing techniques, and creates very lucid and sensitive furniture and interiors.

Images © Kunikazu Hamanishi

Bonpart is an Austrian design duo based in Vienna. Their ‘Vienna Altbau’ is a free standing kitchen project for small, narrow kitchens, with a number of smart solution like an extending tabletop. ‘Sevi’ is a simple workdesk that can be assembled without any tools, and ‘Hideaway’ is a dining table with folding legs that can be easily folded and put away when not used.

Images © Lukas Gstoettner / Bonpart

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