LULLABY stone paper lamps

This beautiful paper lamp was designed by renowned Swedish designer Monica Förster. The shade is constructed of stone paper leafs and solid ash wood blades. Stone paper is made from calcium carbonate (limestone) which is bonded with high-density polyethylene. The resulting paper-like material is smoother yet stronger than traditional paper and also water-resistant, which makes is easy … Continue reading LULLABY stone paper lamps

SIRO+ chair

The skillfully crafted SIRO+ chair was designed by Ilkka Suppanen and Raffaella Mangiarotti for the Finish design company Woodnotes. The company's main focus is on manufacturing special paper-yarn carpets - you can read more about this in my earlier post. But it seems, they also venture into furniture making, and they do it with style! This excellent Scandinavian … Continue reading SIRO+ chair